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18 August, 2016

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A couple of months ago, together with Amazon, we held a webinar on the topic of advertising at Amazon: with sponsored products on success. We presented the program to sponsored products at Amazon and suggested strategies for how dealers and brand manufacturers can make their offers at Amazon more well-known.

The response of the participants was very positive, but a few questions remained open.

Supported by our own experts, we answer these questions.

Q: If I am the only provider of my ASINs, is the use of sponsored products recommended?

A: Yes. For sponsored products, you must fill the Buy Box. If you are the only supplier, you always have the buy box. Sponsored articles help to improve the ranking of your articles by looking for keywords that will bring you a ranking on the first Amazon search results page. Over time, this visibility increases the traffic to the items, which in turn improves the overall level of your offer.

Q: What is the difference between ads and impressions?

A: Every time your ad is seen, this is an impression. In the context of sponsored products is the display of the product entry, which is advertised.

Q: What are negative keywords?

A: Negative keywords prevent your ad from showing for specific keyword phrases. For example, if you sell sports shoes, you could add „pumps“ as a negative keyword because someone who is looking for such shoes will not buy sports shoes.

Q: Do you have tips on structuring ad groups?

A: It has proven effective to follow the structure of your website with the campaign or ad group structure. Ad groups should be clearly categorized.

Q: Is there a rule of thumb for the daybudget?

A: Start small. If the money is running too fast, you can still increase your daily budget. In this way, you have the ad costs under control and can see exactly which effects an increase in expenditure has.

Q: How do you obtain approval for categories subject to approval, such as jewelry (assuming you already have permission to sell in these categories)?

A: For advertising in categories subject to authorization, please contact the Amazon seller service directly.

Q: How to determine the best keywords? Is it better to start with automatic campaigns first and switch to manual campaigns after the first reports?

A: Yes, we recommend this strategy if you are new to Sponsored Products or do not know what to do with it. With automatic campaigns, you quickly get a sense of keyword performance and easily spot where negative keywords might be appropriate.

Q: I started an automatic campaign for a single product but did not get impressions. Is this because it is just a product? How many products do they need to run?

A: Only one product is required. If there are no impressions, there are two ways: 1. Increase your bid. It may be too low compared to competing keywords or advertisers. 2. Check with Seller Central to see if something is wrong with the campaign.

Q: Can a product be offered that is not eligible for the buy box? Or is it automatically paused by Amazon?

A: Advertising is only shown for products in the buy box. The purpose of Sponsored products is that these products are more visible, so you can get more sales with them.

Q: If we import sponsored products into ChannelAdvisor, can we still view and update them in Seller Central?

A: Yes. You can manage your products on both platforms. Campaigns are synchronized only once a day. Therefore, we recommend that you make any changes to ChannelAdvisor.

Q: Amazon gets money from us for every click. How can we prevent competitors from simply clicking on our ads again and again?

A: Amazon has its own tools that identify and remove fraudulent clicks.

Q: I’ve noticed that for campaigns with automatic targeting, some search queries that show my ads include ASINs that are not relevant to the sponsored product.

A: In einem solchen Fall empfehlen wir, die Kampagne auf manuelle Ausrichtung umzustellen. Dabei werden die Keywords angezeigt, die die besten Conversion-Raten aufweisen und für Ihre Produkte am relevantesten sind. Auf diese Weise verwenden Sie nur Keywords, die die verkauften Produkte präzise widerspiegeln.

F: Wann wird ein Verkauf einem „Gesponserte Produkte“-Angebot zugeordnet? Nur, wenn der Kunde das Produkt während der aktuellen Sitzung erwirbt? Oder ist der Zuordnungszeitraum länger? Geht es um Minuten, Stunden, Tage …?

A: Erfolgt innerhalb von sieben Tagen nach Klick auf eine Anzeige die entsprechende Bestellung, wird diese der Anzeige zugeordnet.

F: Bei unseren Gesponserten Produkten ist die Klickrate sehr niedrig. Wie können wir sie erhöhen?

A: If you want more clicks, first increase your bids. In addition, you should add and add additional keywords. With these two measures, you increase traffic, which can lead to more clicks.

Q: What should you know about switching from automatic to manual alignment?

A: Automatic targeting is a good way to „harvest“ keywords. Once you’ve got an idea of ​​what keywords trigger your ads and how their performance is, you can move the successful keywords into your own campaign with manual targeting. This allows you to manage your bids more effectively and flexibly.

Would you like to find out more? Then have a look at the webinar recording .

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